How To Capture SLR Quality Photos With A Cellphone

Do you know that you can take good travel photos with just your simple cell phone? I mean you don’t have to be a professional photographer or carry any bulky camera, just your cell phone camera.

A beautiful travel picture can be a valuable asset, it keeps memories alive and can be used as an element of interior design. You also get to create a high definition image with a smartphone, which makes it all the more interesting.

Here I present you few tips on how to take amazing travel photos using only a cell phone.

1) Consider Angle

Find interesting angles that will help bring life to the picture. Try and see if you can take good pictures of local cityscapes from either a third or second-floor window, it appears way better than when it’s taken on the street level. Try not to limit yourself; you can lower your cell phone down enough to get the perfect vantage point.

2) Stabilize Cellphone

Get your focal point, hold your cellphone steady and capture. Make sure you don’t miss the stability provided by holding your camera up close to your face and if your two hands don’t do the trick, brace your elbows against your sides for more stability.

3) Find Natural Light

Photos taken on the street corners are way better either towards sundown, when the sun is low in the sky or early in the morning. Avoid taking portraits in the overhead sun. Instead, an open shade or cloudy day is a better option.

4) Use Rule Of Thirds

The rule of third is a major rule in photography. It means to divide the picture into three places and get your primary object on camera. There are more specific functions available in all camera app settings which help with the composition. To improve your composition with the grid, make sure your horizon runs perfectly along one of the horizontal or vertical lines instead of in between the image.

5) Edit

Make the most of your snap photos by editing them. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a slight saturation, bump in contrast or sharpness, it will make a big difference. There are a lot of apps to use for editing. They are unique and free, so find one to use and make the best of your photos. Add graphics to make your photos more appealing, like adding a camper clipart to your adventure trip photos.

Finally, your cell phone can be a great tool for capturing those beautiful memories of your travels around the world. Create​ beautiful moments on your cell phone with these simple tips and live happily.

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