3 Must Go Road Trips In India For Bike Enthusiasts Besides Leh

Road trips in India are an idea that a traveller can hardly give up on, even if they have tried it just once. And bikers in India are always looking for new places, new routes and new challenges to take on.

bike road trips in india

Leh seems to be the most popular road trip destination for bikers, and while it is one of the most prized holiday idea, India is packed with some other incredible routes too! So, while there are a number of biking road trips which are exciting, adventurous and somewhat challenging, we are here with three must go road trips besides Leh. If you are a bike or a car enthusiast, you can easy dowload grahics from internet and paste it to your vehicle. Personally I like camping clipart at the rear of my car.

Explore these best travel destinations and plan your vacation soon!

Bhalukpong to Tawang

Distance – 268 km

This is one of the road trips in India that has it all, this trip is every biker’s dream. What starts with lush fields on either side in Bhalukpong, eventually meanders through mountains and treats you with a snowy destination. The best way to enjoy this road trip is to take breaks. Enjoy the views, the fresh air, the people and the culture! The lush meadows sheltering lazy cattle, the cool atmosphere amidst the woods and the winding roads that take you up the mountains are a special experience, but nothing can beat the destination, especially during the ideal season. Enjoy the cool snow blanket and the view of the snow-covered hills.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Distance – 114 km

Giving you the best of the serene Bay of Bengal and the pristine Eastern Ghats, this one is for those looking for a quick getaway. While the Bay gracefully bids adieu, you will be welcomed by towering mountains and sinuous roads. The roads are good and the ride not difficult at all! The best time to take this trip would be immediately after the monsoons as the chill in the air is refreshing, but more importantly, the trickling waterfalls along the route make for great spots to take breaks. One of the most spectacular bike riding trips in the southern part of the country, you will leave behind a part of you in this valley.

Delhi to Jaipur

Distance – 275 km

Taking you to the “Pink City”, this route is for the land lovers. Surrounded by golden land, the route changes subtly till you realise that you’re surrounded by sand. The warm breeze is soothing, and so, a trip during the onset of summer will be most enjoyable. Leave behind the busy city noise, and enter the land of royals. Don’t forget to feast on the delicious Rajasthani food while here.

So, what are you waiting for? Look out for the next long weekend and set out! Plan road trips in India which is one of the best travel destinations and tick one thing off your bucket list!

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