All About The Road Trip From Los Angeles to San Francisco

Fancy roads that never end but let the stallion in you unleash the bridle and fly against the air? It is absolutely possible on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The myriad landscapes, dainty towns in between, never-ending greenery, tiny little take always on the road are all the necessary fuel to inspire you to embark a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and vice versa. Two of the best cities get connected through the road and let you celebrate a high life in all its glory.

road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco

There are endless ways to conduct the ride. Please keep in mind daylight varies by season from 10 hours in December-January to 15 hours in June-July. Following are the suggested routes.

  1. I-5 Black Route – It takes about 6 hours to cross the 382 miles (city centre to city centre). However the road is less exciting.
  2. US Hwy 101 Purple Route – 430 miles stretch, consist of beautiful scenery, coast and lesser traffic
  3. CA Hwy 1 Blue Route – The drive is of 9 to 10 hours provided you do not stop on the way and hugs the coast closely. The most beautiful and scenic ride that contains winding roads too and most loved by the riders.
  4. The Greenway – During summer, you may also visit Yosemite through the Tioga Pass. It takes around 2 days however the ride is most beautiful in this part of the road.

Tips & Suggestions For A Road Trip From Los Angeles To San Francisco

However exciting a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco may sound, let us be practical, a long winding journey of 7 hours can takes its own toll.

We strongly recommend you to check the following tips before you plan the drive. Not only these will keep you safe and the journey hassle free, it will also cater to in case of emergencies.

Planning – I love to use the road maps and highlight the places I would love to check out on the way. I follow the same during ride. However, that is my style of travelling. For you, I shall recommend pre-plan the stops. Where exactly you want to grab that sandwich? Where do you plan to use the loo? Is there any bookstore on the way? Planning is the key to travel, in my opinion.

Sleep The Night Before – Are you one of those who spend sleepless night before the journey begins? There is a term in psychology that defines the symptoms as the traveler’s anxiety. I too suffer the same. The only effective remedy till date I have found is to listen to pink noise and falling asleep. I wake up to absolutely refreshed mind and body and immense energy for the morning. A sound sleep is pre requisite for a long day behind the steering. Please do not compromise on that.

Collectibles – Pack the absolute necessities so that you do not have to stop by for a purchase. It is a waste of time once you have started the ride. Stock up food, fuel and good music. Plan prior what all you might need in the way. Chew gum while driving for it helps your brain to stay active. Use pleasant fragrance to enjoy the ride thoroughly.

Be Careful Of Your Posture – Sit straight for the ride to avoid excruciating pain later that can even mar the trip. Posture is very important and the slightest of slouch can hamper your body. In whatever pose you choose, be comfortable. An adjusted body automatically let the maximum blood flow.

Stay Hydrated – Being in good health is the primary concern prior to the long drive. To release your body from the extra tension and relax your muscle, do drink water from time to time. Stay hydrated. You may even sip of lime juice or fruit drinks, basis on your choice. No beer please!

Keep Passengers Entertained – If you are travelling solo, aforementioned steps are enough to make you ready. However, if you have your friend or family alongside, it is recommend to think from their perspective too. A long journey is likely to put everyone to sleep quickly. However, avoid that for a jolly companion, is the happiness on the road. Find the tracks that will keep you all engage. Entertain your guest. Thus, a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco becomes more enjoyable.

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